Mongoose proceeding with due speed

I’m thinking maybe they should change the company name to Monsoon Publishing, or something else that equally conveys the rapid publishing pace Mongoose has managed to build up to. Don’t get me wrong: I like having more products I can select from. During the heyday of TSR, I bought far too many boxed sets and adventures. It just seems that a guy could get overwhelmed by the advancing wave of gaming materials. This month alone, we’ll be seeing the following:

Okay, absorb all that? Good. Here’s what will be Mongoosing you next month:

With as many products as Mongoose is sending our way, it’s a bit of a shame there isn’t a boxtop-style offer, to trade in all our proof-of-purchases for an ultra-cool decoder ring with a little Mongoose tail carved on it. Wait… did I say that out loud?

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  1. Don’t remind us of the heyday of TSR. The very thing that I like about them is the very thing that put them in financial ruins. OTOH, Mongoose is in a good position to release that many products, as long as they don’t expand their in-house employee roster and rely more on freelanced writers.

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