GW nixes all online sales?

April 15th, 2003: Mike Sugarbaker says...
GW nixes all online sales?

GR has gotten some anonymous tips that Games Workshop will be pulling their products from anyone who sells online, even if they have real-world retail stores as well, as of July 15. GW would probably pull their products from anyone who isn’t them if they thought they could get away with it; they can probably only get away with this because online discounters are so universally loathed. I mean, how long until WizKids does this? However, if the rumor that GW will cite “Intellectual Property” as the reason for this action, then… wow. The term will have officially become meaningless. I can start using it as an excuse to stiff waiters on their tip or something. “Sorry, can’t pay my taxes. Intellectual property. I’m sure you understand.”


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