OGL casualty due to FFE oversight

Once again, there’s proof that conforming to the Open Gaming License is serious business. At GenCon 2001, the WotC legal team checked on all the d20 products and forced some folks to make changes right then and there. Now, Fast Forward Entertainment has been forced to make a public statement (see the “Read more” link for the whole thing) and even destroy one of their products. Apparently, four products were in violation of the license. Rings of Power, Dungeon World, and Dungeon World: Secrets of the Enemy Capital all made reference to various gods (Lolth, Gruumsh, etc) that are reserved as Product Identity of WotC. Enchanted Locations: Crypts & Tombs “contains material from Wizards of the Coast product Monster Manual II without an independent license from Wizards of the Coast” which is also a major no-no, and FFE goes on to state that “any copies of Enchanted Locations: Crypts & Tombs in Fast Forward’s possession have been destroyed.” Yikes. Well, if any copies of Crypts & Tombs shipped to stores before the destruction order was given, I bet they jumped in price.

Full statement from Fast Forward Entertainment: