Summer Star Trek releases announced

Decipher has made an official announcement detailing its upcoming Star Trek RPG support products. These are basically the same books Ken Hite mentioned back at DunDraCon but didn’t have specific release dates for: Star Trek: Aliens, Star Trek: Creatures, and Star Trek: Worlds. The first of these, Aliens, will be a 192-page hardback coming out later this month for $34.95. Creatures, also due this month, will be a 96-page book of beasts to give Kirk and Spock a run for their cred sticks ($24.95). Lastly, Worlds arrives in June with 192-pages of planets to explore (also $34.95). Other products are mentioned at the tail-end of Decipher’s announcement (specifically, Through A Glass Darkly: The Mirror Universe, The Klingon Empire: Blood and Honor, and Peacekeepers: The Guide to Soldiers & Diplomats), but no details are given.