Magic still casting expansions

Wizards of the Coast‘s new Magic expansion, Scourge, will be in stores in a couple of weeks (as per the press release, under the “Read More” link below). The set will contain the first card designed by players, Forgotten Ancient, the new “Storm” mechanic, and other nifty stuff. It all reminds me of when I first caught the CCG bug, way back when M:TG – Antiquities was out and the next nasty set was to be The Dark. I still remember some of the grudge match sessions, four or five players strong, and our buddy Brian winning a majority of the time. In talking with a younger gamer on Sunday, I realized how long it’s been since I was actively pursuing CCGs, as he rattled off a few expansion names I simply hadn’t remembered. I must be getting old.

But I could still crush him with my green deck.

Wizards of the Coast Press Release follows: