Godsend Agenda d20 Conversion

If the pierced Drow and Bugbear bankers of d20 Urban Arcana are just not your style, check out the goodies from Khepera Publishing home of Godsend Agenda. These nice folks have released a d20 conversion for the game to be compatible with the d20 Modern core. As an enticement they have posted almost a full third of the new 144 page book as a sample. Need some reasons to check it out? See if this pulls you in:

  • Creating superhuman characters with innovative point based powers purchased system.
  • Concise rules for gadgets and artifacts construction.
  • A complete deck of role-playing cards and paper miniatures.
  • Time line/ background information of the world of Godsend Agenda.
  • Clever new super heroic and godlike feats!
  • An Exciting new prestige class: The Young God.
  • Mysterious new races including the Angelos, Chimerans, and Elohim.

And all manner of killin’ for fun!