Limited Edition HeroQuest Announced

Issaries, Inc. has announced there will be a limited edition hardcover version of HeroQuest, available through Warehouse 23 as part of the Steve Jackson Games’ line of limited edition books. Both the softcover HeroQuest and the limited edition are expected to ship by July 14, and the limited edition will have the same 288 pages of content as the softcover version, plus the following extras:

  • Custom binding
  • Exclusive blessing (huh?)
  • Glossy, heavy-weight paper
  • Bound-in satin bookmark
  • Original signature by Greg Stafford
  • Customer-selected rune printed on the front cover

The limited hardcover edition will be $100, and will only have enough copies printed to cover (which will be taken through June 14). So, if HeroQuest is your sort of thing, and you want a special version of the new, streamlined rules, go select your rune and order a copy. Make Orlanth proud.