Citizen Site Hacked; Finger Pointing Begins

Yesterday, the Citizen Games website had seemingly been hacked, displaying nothing but a Nazi flag and the German phrase “B├╝rger-Spiele ist zerhackt worden!” (translates to “Citizen Games has been hacked”). The offending post is down now, as is the entire site, and the accusations have begun. In the comment posts to this , an anonymous post that seems to be from someone in the company states “It was not hacked by an outsider… A management change has occurred. The old President has ‘hacked’ the site due to being removed from the position.” Another post from someone else disagreed, stating “that contradicts the statements by the outgoing president. He has stated that he resigned by his own choice, not that he was ‘removed.'” A third post points the finger at a different former Citizen Games member, but with no real proof. My sources say that Citizen’s President was indeed voted out over the weekend, but the company is still trying to determine who’s responsible for the website hack. All I gotta say is, always disable an employee’s access before they leave the company. Less headaches that way.