More Citizen Debacle Details

After the story we posted this morning, we’ve received this from Mike Eckert of Citizen Games regarding the company’s recent restructuring and hacked website:

Michael J. Eckert, former President of Citizen Games, is not the “former” President in question. Mr. Eckert left the company in early February. This was, indeed, a voluntary stepping down for personal reasons, which included a new “day” job. The foray of emails has been in reference to the, then President, Rob Stone, who has been removed as President as of June 8th, 2003. Coincidently, the site hack hapened mere hours after the shareholders handed down the decision to remove Mr. Stone. Citizen Games has named Scott Bagley as interim President until a complete restructing can occur. So to simplifiy things on the various news sites, all references to a Citizen Games former President, refers to Mr. Stone ONLY. Pending an investigation, no member of Citizen Games has, or will post anything to ANY news organization. Any and ALL comments you read or have read are mere conjecture and from sources that are not involved in the action. Please disregard them as such.

Indeed, I can confirm that Eckert left the company a while ago, and Rob Stone has been voted out as of a meeting yesterday. More on this as we hear about it.