Live From Origins 2003: the eternal struggle continues

That’s all I’ll say about that. But the good news is I’m comfortably ensconced in an ideal location and have all the net I want for no extra cash. Also, this year I plan to actually sign up for actual events actually. We’ll see how that goes.

I only had a few minutes in the dealers room tonight, so here’s what I was able to visually confirm: the Simpsons TCG is being demoed, as are Creepy Freaks and AEG‘s two new card games, HumAliens and Initial D. I will play as many of those as I can tomorrow. Fantasy Flight is selling a new Game of Thrones expansion, titled A Flight of Dragons.

In the d20 department, AEG has a new-at-the-show book called Wilds, about wilderness and stuff. I didn’t find Arcana Unearthed actually physically here… not sure if it’s supposed to be or not.

Board games: FFG has a new Knizia game called Atlanteon and a couple other new board games I’ll have to look up. Mayfair is showing Lunar Rails, an appealingly wraparound take on the crayon-rails concept, and Eagle Games is selling these funny little $5 “sneak preview box sets” full of a handful of Age of Mythology figs. Eagle doesn’t have AoM at the show, but something new called Attack! instead, which looks like a cross between Risk and a more Eagle-ish thing. Attack! certainly sounds a little more… imperative than Risk does, but whether it has other advantages remains to be seen. The Zendo box set is quite lovely, and the Looney Labs folks are quite proud of it.

More funny little sneaky bits as I get them. Now, though, back to the event.