Live From Origins 2003: Simpsons CCG rears its bucktoothed yellow head

Saw a Simpsons TCG demo. The cards are simple, have non-lame quotes on them (not hugely exciting ones either from what I saw), and seem to be aiming for the middle-ground fan, rather than for Simpsons otaku. There is a vague similarity to the Looney Tunes design, but don’t be frightened. They’ve fixed it, from what I can tell. Scenes have attributes, like “Brainy, Idiot, Oddball” for “The Android’s Dungeon,” and a minimum number of characters it needs to be completed. Play characters on the scene that have at least one attribute that matches one on the scene, and you can complete the scene, but everyone who played characters that match might get points for it. There’s also a number of characters needed to trash the scene – characters who have no matching attributes. The core is simple enough that a lot of your strategy is in the exception cards – but the ones I’ve seen are bigger and dumber than I’d like. You have cards that prevent someone from trashing a scene, for example, but I didn’t see a lot that might give you finer-grained control, like removing or adding an attribute to a character, or switching characters between scenes. I dunno, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Again, the cards and rulesheets look plenty final but the game is out this fall.