Live from Origins 2003: the rock precedes the roll

Played Creepy Freaks. Some folks don’t know that John Kovalic did some of the better character designs for this game, as well as Bazooka Joe-like comics for the boosters. I was surprised – this game has real meat to it, while still being totally approachable for its target market. Wiseman did a smart thing: he used the new square base for notating what the figures can do, not just how well they can currently do it. The clicky base is still there, but you don’t turn the base, you turn the figure; fully healed is facing forwards, “dead” (actually “scared” and leaving the board) is facing backwards. The clicks along the way are still hit points, but little icons will show up in some of them, representing types of attacks that the monster has become more vulnerable to at that click. Those types of attacks are also things that the monsters have in the corner of the square base, notating something they can do to others. The arrows (sort of) on the base show which directions the figure can move or attack in; a die roll determines how far. Basically, it’s a chess variant. A chess variant they’ll sell tens of thousands of; James Ernest must be pissed. I enjoyed it a lot and will be picking up a starter, although boosters are a little rich for my blood. ($5 for two figs: day-amn. Did I mention I got a box of Gregory Horror Show boosters for 75% off? Those figs are badass.)