Origins 2003 aftermath: the dirty details

Anthony Valterra showed me a 36-page-or-so preview of the upcoming 192-page Book of Erotic Fantasy. From that small sample, I can say that the book seems about 50% relatively lame fan service (a Command Orgasm/Masturbation spell, with color photo illustration. Did the world need that? I’m thinking not), and 50% fairly interesting, more sophisticated stuff. The prestige classes are where a lot of the interest is – Anthony told me that co-author Gwen Kestrel is very big on classes that interrelate (quite appropriate for a sex book). The Dominator and Submissive prestige classes have abilities that complement each other, for example. There’s some sort of mage that can burn actual ability stats to achieve some effects, and s/he does well paired with a “sacred prostitute” class that restores ability scores. I asked if the sacred prostitute gave you 50 hit points if you got her alone in a van, but he didn’t get it.