Mongoose Plans for GenCon ’03

Mongoose Publishing‘s Matthew Sprange sent out a notice to the company mailing list which showed just how evil he can be when he wants to. Sure, the email let us know that the Babylon 5 RPG will be there in case we don’t have it already, and that several other titles would be there as well, like The Ultimate Arcane Spellbook, The Ultimate Character Record Sheet (is that a book, or a couple pieces of fancy paper?), Sheoloth – City of the Drow, The Quintessential Drow, Earth 2089 (a supplement for Armageddon 2089), Fiery Trial (for Babylon 5) and possibly even the new hardcover Macho Women with Guns. But Sprange concluded the email by saying “So, enjoy yourselves at Gen Con and remember, all the Mongoose staff present will really, really want to hear your character stories. They can’t get enough of ’em!” Why is this so evil of him? Because he’s the only Mongoose member not attending the con. Dirty pool, Mr Sprange.