Everything's Getting GOO-ey

As Mike reported at Origins, Big Eyes, Small Mouth d20 was released upon an unsuspecting world, and all of the rules content is Open Gaming Content. Now has taken the extra step of creating a BESM d20 System Reference Document, taking those three special little initials (SRD) and making them its own. Aside from WotC itself, no other d20 publisher has taken this step, which allows Joe Everyman to use parts of BESM d20 in his own publications. As if that weren’t enough, GOO has also made the Tri-Stat dX rules, the new version of GOO’s in-house system, freely available through RPGNow. A 96-page printed version is also available for those who really want a hardcopy. GOO seems to be making the moves d20 publishers, and indeed, most publishers in general, haven’t been willing to try yet. Here’s hoping it pans out for them.