Diana Jones Nominees Announced

The increasingly coveted Diana Jones award will once again change hands at GenCon ’03, and the short list has been announced of who or what will be awarded the remains of a burnt game. Created in part to recognise worthy people or items in the industry missed by other awards, the Diana Jones award is voted on by a select committee of industry insiders, of which only a select few have revealed their membership. This year there are two individuals and five products in the running for the award. Jordan Weisman (of FASA and WizKids) and Monte Cook (of WotC, and now Malhavoc Press) are the two industry professionals up for the pyramidal prize. The game products nominated as their competition are Neverwinter Nights (Bioware), Nobilis, Second Edition (Hogshead Publishing), Nyambe (Atlas Games), The Riddle of Steel (Driftwood Publishing), and Unknown Armies, Second Edition (also Atlas Games). As the full announcement says (below), the winner will be announced at a ceremony on July 23. It’ll be hard to top last year’s surprise presentation of Tracy Hickman’s GAMA Hall of Fame award, though.

Diana Jones Award committee press release follows: