Jordan Weisman and Nobilis tie for Diana Jones Award

Having just returned from the 2003 Diana Jones Award ceremony, I can now inform you that the traveling trophy has now been jointly awarded to two worthy parts of the game industry, selected for “seeing something missing, and filling that void”: Jordan Weisman, founder of WizKids, and Nobilis: Second Edition. The voting committee apparently came to a stalemate, and it was decided that both would share the honor. Weisman accepted the trophy, and thanked the committee and everyone in attendance, saying simply, “this means a lot to me.” Ken Hite read statements from both James Wallis, former head of Hogshead Publishing, and Rebecca Borgstrom, author of Nobilis. Wallis’ statement urged the industry folks in attendance to “push the envelope, push it until it tears apart. Then create something new.” Mark C. MacKinnon, president of , promised to continue supporting Nobilis with quality releases in the future, a promise that was met with hearty approval all around. A grand time was had by all, and the drinks continued to flow as we retreated to the hotel.