Live at GenCon: Pale Writer soon publishing

So there’s this little d20 company toward the back of the hall, in the shadow of the largest booth (which isn’t WotC this year; it’s Upper Deck), called Pale Writer Publishing. The website doesn’t have any info yet, but PWP’s small booth has been a whirlwind of activity and interesting tidbits since the show began. Besides the movie theater marquee and freshly-popped popcorn, besides the trivia contests every couple of hours to win DVDs and such, there’s the extremely cool artwork the booth was displaying. Set up to look like the backlit movie posters you’d see at the local cineplex, there were five gorgeous scenes, each featuring a classic D&D monster: a beholder, a mind flayer, a bullette, a displacer beast, and a rust monster. The rust monster piece, which was unmistakably the work of Phil Foglio, simply sings of a time when adventures were each lovingly crafted, with plots that made sense (something PWP emphasized as an important goal). Watch for adventures to be announced from PWP later this year or early next, along with other surprises.