Live from GenCon: World of Darkness ending. Make travel arrangements now.

So yeah, the World of Darkness is coming to an end, as Mike mentioned. I find myself looking at White Wolf with a bit of admiration after hearing their plans, and how long they’ve been secretly building toward Gehenna, the Apocalypse, the Ascension, or whatever you want to call it. Between now and next March, an array of products will wrap up events in the official timeline, including a hardcover each for Vampire, Werewolf and Mage. The wrap-up storyline will include various options Mike Tinney, President of White Wolf, let slip a number of other details during the Q&A session after the tongue-in-cheek intro film.

  • “As for Adventure, you will see that again.”
  • “There will be a Dark Ages core feature for Changeling, as well as a Time of Judgement wrap-up book.”
  • “Exalted will not be affected, and will continue getting support.”
  • Mind’s Eye Theatre will have a Time of Judgement book; the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle game will get a Time of Judgement set , but will still continue with more product releases.

Apparently, the White Wolf guys started celebrating their announcement early, since some of the staff later admitted to being drunk from the night before when the press conference was held.