GenCon wrap-up: Fairies, monsters, and minis

Next to the drifts of Hackmaster products, which I confess to having no interest in, were a couple of new Kenzer & Company goodies. Though a repackaged Fairy Meat boxed set was a good bargain for the money ($40 for the original game, the two expansions, and all five metal miniatures), it was still a repackage. Stand and Deliver, on the other hand, was brand new for D&D v3.5. Designed for characters of 4th-6th level, the adventure populates its ruins with beasts from the Monsters of Tellene book. But neither of these releases stood out as much as Final Days, a miniatures game of apocalyptic horror. Using playing cards for combat resolution, 25 metal figures go at it in a stylish, bleak future. The boxed game sells for $50, and a great many of them seemed to be going home with eager customers.