On having one's priorities straight

You know, I guess I can forgive the White Wolf folks for having let the creativity of the World of Darkness product line flag a bit over the last few years… because as Jane reports over at out of fear of offending the tender souls among you in the Cave’s audience, they clearly know how to live.


  1. WW this year was a serious let down for its Fans – the End of the WoD series thing they are doing is hailed as lame. Why fix something that is not broken…why? Because they want their money…they are trying a drastic change that will most likely ruin their system to try and bump up sales…in the process they have forgotten that to get sales..all they need to do is print stuff to please the players and good material…not this crap.

    Oh – and lets not go into how weak the WW party was….

  2. Hmm. I wonder if it is because their sales and revenues have decreased. If it is not broken, then sale should have remained steadily strong to suppport the company, without having the employees demand any raise in salary and/or additional job benefits. Perhaps they print out stuff that are a waste of ink and pages, such as DARK AGES or VICTORIAN product lines, all of which are standalone core rulebooks rather than supplements. But considering they kept the price of core rulebook at $30, perhaps they are underpricing them. Coupled with revenue decrease and rising cost of overhead to publish the material into a final book product is getting to them. Still, it is a risky venture if this is the latest master plan they could think of.

  3. Is it really a “risky venture” to cut bait on a product line that isn’t doing so well anymore? I mean, sure, they’re doing a bunch of special books to support the storyline, but they’ve been doing that for years; most of us just haven’t been paying attention. Just like when DC Comics “killed” Superman, attention is flowing in that wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Anyway, my point is, none of that is important compared to DRINKING A LOT AND THROWING THINGS. (Kerry, I’m thinking the party was probably better for people of legal drinking age…)

  4. Im legal drinking age..here’s my review on the party….

    2003 was a flop, people just stood around mostly pretending to be gothic. Reason for being gothic, its because they were wearing black….and that’s the only reason why they are goth – they were wearing a black shirt.

    None of the WW staff even bothered to show up – are they too good for their fans? Every other company had their writers out and talking to fans, White-Wolf I guess was above doing that for their fans.

    Further more, I entered the party in a costume that cost me about $300 that was out of the White-Wolf gaming system…but because I was not wearing one of their shirts they gave out…I couldn’t have a $1 drink for free. Let me get this straight- free t-shirt = free drinks. $300 costume for the game = pay for drinks? Wait…the shirt says your a fan…wtf does a $300 costume say about how much of a fan you are?

    They did not even provide snacks, it just was lame gathering for WW fans to stand around and talk about their characters in a dark location with loud music – while pretending to be gothic. These guys have no clue how to throw a party!

    Many of the group I was with – along with others simply got in and left for other parties.

    It was a SERIOUS let down…cool location though. Music was good too.

    In the end, this kind of felt like a lame Toreador ball – that Toreador needs some status seriously stripped.

    On the other hand – the party at Gencon – the costume Ball was a blast. dont get me wrong, I LOVE WW, and Im not bashing because I hate them..Ive been playing since first ed, and they are almost hte only gaming system I play. I really love these guys – but..ill be honest..it sucked.


  5. Furthermore – the “bad boys” in the girl gamer review….welll…..I dont know think they were very bad or much of anything aside from having a bad attitude and pretending to be cool and alternative. Im willing to bet I have more tattoos, and piercings below the belt then most of them have all over – the crowd that I was with was pretty lame and very elitist. the WW artists I was with left in disgust..the WW Art director did not stay long either…she too got bored.
    -Gencon 2004 Rant – http://www.geocities.com/gencon_rant/

  6. Gosh, Kerry, I’m sorry you had such a terrible time. But I met several of the WW folks at their own party, including Justin who was DJing and Chris McDonough and Mike Tinney. There was a VIP thing for a little while, and then that went away. So maybe things got different after you left? I don’t know.

    It was a little disturbing when the floor started shaking with all the dancing.

    Your costume *was* really cool. I wish I’d gone to the Costume Ball!

  7. 😛 my bad – hate to come across as a massive ranting bitch – the whole thing for me..was a big let down. I honestly was pretty let down by many, many events. Everything from guys trying to pick fights with me and my boyfriend (Im a chick here..come on) literally over nothing….on to the damn $1 drink insult. Ive spent hundreds on WW products…..and even in a great costume, they wont humor me for a $1 drink.

  8. 🙁 – I love WW but they dont like me ;P – anyways…cool to hear they at least showed up. You guys are the first I have heard to say otherwise. Thanks for the posts about my costume…you should see the backs of them – Ill post a picture of them once I get those photos scanned – we made a sword of caine that the Art Director of WW died for

  9. Perhaps there are those that do think that Victorian Age: vampire is a waste of ink and space, but I am not one of them. It is seriously one of the best books released by White Wolf for a long time and should have received a nomination for Best Supplement at the very least at this year’s Origins Awards. The chapter on the Gothic Genre — as in the fiction not the musical movement and subculture — is both superlative and worth the price of the book alone. It brings more mood and feel to a World of Darkness game than any other of the “Superhero by Night” titles.

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