Gen Con ’04 date in flux

The Gen Con website has a poll up that should interest anyone who’s even remotely considering attending next year. It seems that a major NASCAR race, the Brickyard 400, has changed its dates to the originally proposed dates for Gen Con ’04. While the convention space itself wouldn’t be affected, traffic and getting hotel rooms could become major headaches. The poll asks how moving the convention to the latter half of August 2004 would affect your coming to the show. If you want to weigh in on the matter, go have a look.


  1. Doubt it. A lot of people praised GenCon Indy, despite complaints of long lines and delays to get inside the convention center, among other things (local commerce did not anticipate the large record-breaking attendance and have ran out of food to sell in that 4-day events). Besides, Milwaukee’s local commerce (vendors and hotels) want nothing to do with gamers anymore.

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