Suave in-store campaigns for Avalon Hill

August 24th, 2003: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Suave in-store campaigns for Avalon Hill

This looks seriously freakin’ hot. Avalon Hill’s official incorporation into WotC is bearing fruit: “Wizards of the Coast is producing its first board game expansions as part of this program. The expansions, which are taken home by the winners of the event, will serve to alter play for experienced players, who have often figured out the strategies and counter-strategies that work best with the game as it came out of the box. And they’ll help WotC evaluate the concept of board game expansions as add-on products, which it’s interested in as a way to expand sales of the Avalon Hill properties.” That’s right, kids: Risk 2210 expansion boards, available first (possibly only) to winners at store events. Axis and Allies and Acquire (!!!) will also be getting the “Avalon Hill Frontline” treatment. Evil? Brilliant? Both?


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