Avalanche Press goes OGL, makes big deal of it

September 10th, 2003: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Avalanche Press goes OGL, makes big deal of it

Avalanche Press is having a sale for a reason: they’ve decided to abandon use of the D20 logo. You know how CEOs always say when they get canned that they’re “pursuing other interests”? ” ‘The changes we are proposing are really things we have been discussing internally anyway,’ commented Mike Bennighof, Avalanche Press CEO.” To be fair, Avalanche has been moving towards complete campaign worlds for a while and it does make sense to make them complete games, but to leave out of your press release all mention of the potential conflict between cheesecake covers and a decency clause is a little disingenuous. So anyway, we have a first mover. I doubt, though, that AP is a strong candidate for poster child of the revolution – unless we want boobs on the poster. Complete press release below.

The following is press release copy from Avalanche Press.

Avalanche Press announced today the repositioning of their role-playing division in the wake of the D20 license changes announced by Wizards of the Coast. Avalanche Press’s Age Guides are the standard in “fan guides” for historical genres. The first of these, Celtic Age, won the 2002 Origins Award for Best RPG Supplement. Over the last two years, Avalanche Press products have received more Origins Award nominations than any other publisher.

The Age Guides and their supplements are the best place for a gamer to find everything there is to know about that period or theme along with stats to use the information in their games. However, all future releases will be published only in accordance with the Open Game License, not the d20 System Trademark License.

“The changes we are proposing are really things we have been discussing internally anyway,” commented Mike Bennighof, Avalanche Press CEO. “We’re grateful to Wizards of the Coast for opening the door for us to get into roleplaying publishing with the d20 license, but the market has changed. With WotC’s changes to the license there is simply no reason not to implement modifications to our own product line any more.” Avalanche’s last three role-playing releases Celtic Age, The Little People: A Guide to Celtic Fairies (a supplement for Celtic Age), and Viking Age are the beginning of this repositioning.

Marketing Manger Elizabeth Fulda commented, “In some ways, I think the D20 logo may have scared off some possible consumers. Avalanche’s line of book products are great for people who just fancy things about Egypt or Pirates. You don’t have to game to enjoy reading them.” In celebration of that, all existing products with the exception of Celtic Age, Viking Age, and Little People will be 65% off their usual price to every level of the tier from 9/10/03 to 9/17/03.

John Phythyon, RPG Line Editor stated, “The Open Game License is going to allow us to keep the game value of our products as well as add things like character creation to the guides. Whether gamer or simple aficionado of a time period, Avalanche products are a ‘must buy’ with or without the D20 logo.”

For more information see http://www.avalanchepress.com!


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