D&D minis get a handbook after all

Back at Origins I was told that there would be no book for D&D Miniatures apart from the starter booklet and the D&D core books. I guess that’s no longer true if it ever was. The Miniatures Handbook will apparently be a collection of monsters, feats and spells that goes nicely with the initial set of minis, along with mass battle and skirmish rules. But will kids be able to buy the minis Entry Pack and the Miniatures Handbook and believe that what they own is D&D? And would they really be wrong?


  1. Dude, who told you there’d be no D&D Miniatures book? Whoever it was wasn’t very well informed. To my knowledge, the minis book has been on WotC’s product schedule since before Origins.

  2. Well, you don’t have to get all defensive. We don’t think less of you, anyway. Old news is old news.

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