Underworld director reveals plans for future

In an interview at SciFi.com, Underworld director and co-author Len Wiseman mentions a sequel and prequel that may come to pass (or at least, they may have before the White Wolf lawsuit; the interview was completed before the suit was filed). Wiseman is quoted as saying “I’m obsessed with seeing this medieval battle between werewolves and vampires in black shiny armor.” So, time to file a suit about Vampire: Dark Ages, then? Wiseman also goes on to describe his next project, Black Chapter: “We pitched it as The Sixth Sense meets La Femme Nikita. We’ve never seen a ghost movie done as a high-energy action movie. We’ve seen ghost movies as suspense and horror and comedy. But imagine if in the Sixth Sense, you saw Bruce Willis pick up a gun and shoot a human being—and the CIA got wind of it.” So, the plan’s to go for Orpheus as well? Or maybe branching out into Delta Green territory?

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  1. If ORPHEUS role-playing game is based on elements (NOT ideas) from THE SIXTH SENSE and LA FEMME NIKITA, shouldn’t White Wolf get sued by the two films’ producers?

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