Lord of the Rings TMG site launches

The official site for the Lord of the Rings TMGis up and running, though there isn’t a whole lot there yet. Currently, visitors can have a look around, download the rules, read the FAQ, check out the forums, and other basic stuff. However, the site mentions two figure giveaway promotions and a free poster that Sabertooth has set up with a couple of industry magazines:

In issue #66 of Scrye, set to release towards the end of October, will have an exclusive figure deal for a Gandalf the Grey promo figure. In issue #67 there will be a visual collection tracking poster, which will feature pictures of the base set figures […] In issue #3 of Undefeated Magazine, which hits stands at the end of October as well, there will be another exclusive figure, this time a Gimli figure.

If miniatures combat on Middle Earth is your thing, be sure to grab those magazines for details.