Layoffs at WizKids

Though details are sketchy, we’ve been hearing that around 25 employees have been laid off at WizKids. According to rumor, this includes HeroClix guy Jeff Grubb, though so far we can only confirm that WizKids has let go of Dave Nieker, their Advertising & PR Manager. This particular case was reportedly due to job redundancy after consolidation with Topps, which recently bought WizKids. We’ll let you know if we hear more. UPDATE: We’ve just received the following official statement from Jon Leitheusser, Director of Game Design at WizKids.

WizKids has been and intends to remain, one of the industries fastest growing companies. We feel that one of the reasons we have been successful is that we listen to the players and the retailers. One of the messages that has come though to us loud and clear is that we should slow down the amount of product we are creating. In response we have adjusted our future release schedules to do so and in turn have adjusted our staffing levels as well. The tough decision to say goodbye to some hard working members of our team was totally internal and in no way affects WizKids’ ability to continue to design, sculpt, produce, or support our great games.

Over our short history we have introduced several new gaming concepts to the industry we plan on continuing and deepening our support for our current large game lines as well as hopefully continuing to surprise everyone with some brand new directions in gaming.

Thanks for your support and passion for our games,
WizKids LLC

So, not a detailed list of who or how many are gone, but confirmation that a layoff has occurred. OgreCave hopes that every employee affected by the situation lands on their feet and finds continued success.


  1. I know I stopped buying MW because there were just too many units out there to ever actually use…They lost my gaming money to Warmachine and Magic….

  2. understand that they’ve lost roughly 1/3 of their staff…

    Shadowrun, Creepy freaks, Crimson Skies…say goodnight.

  3. Yep… too much pushed out too soon now with too little behind it. And yet here they’re running the TV commercial for Creepy Freaks practically non-stop on Cartoon Network. Weren’t they supposed to do a animated series for that thing too?

  4. Probably nobody picked it up. By all retailer reports that I’ve heard, Creepy Freaks is actually doing okay with the kids – not great, but okay. CS sells a bit as well… the only sure thing for a dying game here is SR if you ask me. But I’ve been wrong before.

  5. Personally, I don’t know why WizKids founder Jordan Weisman is sticking around. I mean he got PAID for the sale of his company. He should just enjoy his retirement. Anyone in ANY industry would have done just that. It’s the norm. Come on, the “mom & pop store” style of business is antiquated.

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