Fixed fig sets for D&D Minis cancelled

WotC has announced on the D&D Minis home page that two announced non-random box sets, Orc War Party and Outlaw War Party, have been cancelled. They cite business considerations as well as nebulously defined “player feedback.” Amazingly, some folks online are complaining about this decision. Who would have thought. First: of course the way the miniatures game is packaged privileges wargamers over roleplayers. The whole D&D system privileges wargamers. Second: WotC has not only the right but the obligation to sell to the people who buy. Roleplayers are not buying the randomized packs, because the only people who want monster leads to begin with are DMs, and there are fewer of them than of players, who want (at least) one lead of their character. I expect that, once D&D Minis builds more of a head of steam, that we will see fixed sets for it, just like we did for MK Dungeons. I’m glad to see that WotC isn’t damaging their new game (yes, it really is a new game) by overextending it too early.