Who you gonna Call of Cthulhu?

As a Halloween treat for you cultists out there, Chaosium has just released The Parapsychologist Handbook, a 109-page paperback available only through Chaosium’s website. Bringing ghost hunting any era of Cthulhu campaign, the book “reveals the real-world science of the paranormal, Parapsychology (its history and methods), how to play a parapsychologist, how to run a Call of Cthulhu campaign centered around a ghost-hunting group, and how to simulate various non-Mythos entities and psychic powers in your campaign.” The book sells for $14.95, and currently lacks the full layout kung-fu treatment Chaosium is capable of. However, should the Handbook see spirited sales, there’s a good chance the book will rise again in a reprint with the full treatment.