Mage Knight 2: the new hotness is under our control

November 5th, 2003: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Mage Knight 2: the new hotness is under our control

We played as near to a “complete” game as we could muster, which was damn near – I was able to play a faction-pure 300-point squad of elves, and we even used the wacky weather modifier things on the PVC cards – and the higher point total did indeed make Allan feel a little better. He still bitched about not being able to spin and attack with a figure in one action, but that’s the way the mace bounces; a move is a move, and when you finish one, you’d better think about your facing and keep tempo in mind. If you take turns, you’re going to get situations where a figure can just stay one move ahead.

Overall, there is not much else to report. Elves kind of suck, but you all knew that already. We found our first utterly ba-roken figure: Caldera, a 136-point lizard guy who couldn’t fit into our first game because, well, he was bigger than our squads could be. Homeboy has like seven or eight dominating special abilities right up at the front end of the dial, and high-ass stats. It’s a good thing Allan forgot that we had a little thing called objective points, and that they were, you know, the objective.

So I won this time. We both like Mage Knight, and we are only about a year late getting onto that train. Apparently the attendance at local MK events has fallen way off; mileage may vary in your area, and I don’t have any nationwide sales figures handy. What do you think: is it too late for the original clicky-base game to bounce back?


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