2004 Games 100 announced; New England is Game of the Year

GAMES Magazine’s 2004 GAMES 100 is up in its entirety at ye olde Funagain, and the veteran design team of Alan Moon and Aaron Weissblum took Game of the Year honors with their tile-laying Pilgrim fiesta New England. Curiously, last year’s winner Dvonn is listed again this year to fill out the Abstract Strategy top 10. Whatever. Further down, there are even more “returning guests.” I guess it just underscores my theory that so little of interest happened this year that you may as well fill your shopping guide with standouts from years past. (OgreCave’s upcoming Twelve Games of Christmas lists will not do this, incidentally. Also incidentally, yes, those Funagain links will kick back a percentage of resulting sales to OgreCave, disclaim disclaim. If you’ve supported your local retailer lately, feel free to support us by shopping at Funagain.)