I love when I can use that joke. Anyway, Fantasy Flight seems to be okay at making solid, sustainable CCGs from somewhat nichey source material, so this new entry, a non-Mythos-compatible new design for a Call of Cthulhu CCG due in the spring, certainly has a shot. Nothing on FFG’s site actually mentions it yet, so I’ve put the whole release below. In a GR post, some amusing comments further reveal the conservatism of some Cthulhu fans – yes, as a matter of fact, they should fail in an original way, except given the amazing run FFG’s had lately, they likely won’t. But man, between this and that Cyberpunk game, it’s like 1996 all over again.

The below is press release copy from Fantasy Flight Games.

FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES is proud to announce that it has acquired a license from CHAOSIUM, INC to produce the official CALL OF CTHULHU collectible card game.

The CALL OF CTHULHU role-playing game and related merchandise have been perennial favourites in the hobby games industry since the early 1980s. Originally derived from the works of the author H.P. LOVECRAFT and other novelists, the Cthulhu Mythos genre has inspired products as diverse as movies, plush toys, board games, role-playing games, novels, and many more.

The CALL OF CTHULHU CCG will have no relation or compatibility to the MYTHOS Collectible Card Game published by Chaosium, Inc in the late 1990s. Fantasy Flight’s CALL OF CTHULHU CCG will present new and innovative game play which will be simple, fast, and yet provide a deep and dynamic experience for players. The CALL OF CTHULHU CCG will seek to inspire the wonderful flavour of the Cthulhu genre, such as the flavourful “pulp” 1930s environment, arcane tomes and secrets, paranormal investigations, the Elder Gods and their terrible servants, dark sinister plots, inhuman conspiracies, and dangers from beyond the stars.

“As a long time fan of the CTHULHU genre, and the CALL OF CTHULHU role playing game, I am excited and honoured to be publishing this CCG” said Christian T. Petersen, C.E.O., of Fantasy Flight Games. “We hope to bring the CTHULHU theme into the new millennium by presenting this exciting genre as graphically and narratively exciting as our industry can provide,” he continued “I think that everyone will be impressed by the look, feel, and play experience that we have built into this game.”

Fantasy Flight Games is no newcomer to the CCG market. In 2002, to great success, it published the ‘A GAME OF THRONES’ CCG based upon the literary property by author George RR Martin. The A GAME OF THRONES CCG won the 2002 Origins Awards for Best CCG, and has enabled FFG to build a strong CCG support program complete with world-wide events, original prize redemption programs, online player rankings, promo-cards tournaments, and substantial “live” web-based support.

The CALL OF CTHULHU property has been licensed from industry veteran CHAOSIUM INC. “We are very excited by the opportunity to bring the flavour, background, and excitement of CALL OF CTHULHU once again to the CCG market, and are extremely pleased to be able to work with Fantasy Flight on this exciting new venture. They have a great reputation for high-quality, fun board and card games.” comments Charlie Krank, President of Chaosium Inc. “We feel that 2004 will be a great year for fans of CALL OF CTHULHU, of CHAOSIUM, and of FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES.”


  1. I just do contract work for them, I don’t know the internals of the project. But I think FFG is the right company for the job.

    I suspect it’ll be months before they even start commissioning art but I’d LOVE to do some.


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