The madness continues: Star Wars CMG?

That’s the rumor, anyway. Allegedly this’ll be out next year at Gen Con (the real one). You know, at least a few of these games had to have been conceived when it was already apparent that Mage Knight was starting to flag commercially. Did they think they could somehow freeze time long enough to pick up some of the former Mage Knight players before they went on to other pastimes? Is this just a niche play for adult HeroClix buyers and other otaku? I guess what I’m trying to say is “why, God, why,” but I don’t really wanna come out and say it. Anyway, this will be sold in configs similar to D&D Miniatures; who knows, it might be similarly D20-derived as well. Further updates as they happen and we resignedly accept the slow slide into the oblivion of creativity in the game industry.


  1. I’m iffy on this one, but can’t blame Wizards for riding on WizKids’ coattail (The “collectible” part, not the “clicky”). Part of me is saying, “Finally! What took you so long?” The other part, “Randomized, huh? I’m gonna laugh if one of the packs contain all stormtroopers.” Still, August 2004 is still a long way to go. Is that about the same time as the final Prequel movie opening? I mean, you might as well take advantage of the hype.

  2. Just another in the longstanding hobby game industry tradition of 5 years of ripoffs for every innovative idea – there’s still a bit more dark time to go with the collectible miniatures…

  3. Oh, yeah, and it all started when D&D became the first RPG. Then a lot of folks started spawning RPGs. Really, Alex, this is nothing new. Even another company is making CMG based on LOTR. The only diff is they both didn’t use WizKids’ patented click-dial.

  4. Poll Suggestion: Can you display the number of people who voted in the poll and the number of people for each category, in addition to the percentage?

  5. We could, but it would depress us all. We have few enough votes that you can usually deduce the total from the way the percentages break down.

  6. I don’t see what the problem is with ANOTHER CMG — it’s a whole new field of gaming and you don’t have to buy into it. Personally I think if the Star Wars game is as good as Sabertooth’s LoTR (which, for my money is the best CMG on the market at present – and sells like hotcakes in my neck of the woods) then it’ll be a best seller.

  7. And if you don’t like the rules that goes with the CMG, they still make reasonable playing pieces for roleplaying game sessions.

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