The ninjas approach

Our buddy Aeon, of Ninja Burger fame, is running a contest over at RPGnet where you can win a copy of the new Ninja Burger card game by Steve Jackson Games. He’s set it up to celebrate the Day of the Ninja, which is tomorrow. Why tomorrow, you ask? I’ll let Aeon tell you:

I’m going to try and coordinate the efforts of the thousands of Ninja Burger fans, my friends, and maybe some of my enemies, to make Friday, December 5th the Day of the Ninja. Why that Friday? Because it’s opening day for the new Tom Cruise movie, The Last Samurai, and everyone knows that ninja will be celebrating the fact that there’s only one last samurai left to do away with. And it’s Tom Cruise, at that.

Stupid Gaijin.

Sounds good to me. As long as my burger and fries arrive in 30 minutes or less.