Deadlands Reloaded peek at Pinnacle

December 9th, 2003: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Deadlands Reloaded peek at Pinnacle

The folks at Pinnacle have just posted a first look at Deadlands Reloaded. Rumored to be coming out next summer, Deadlands Reloaded will be a full-color, hardcover retrospective, telling the entire story of the Weird West in one volume. According to a column from last July, the new game will use the Savage Worlds system, and stay away from d20 or the original Deadlands system. Deadlands Reloaded will be a gorgeous book, as Shane Hensley made the concious decision to contract one artist for all 80+ pieces of color art, a mister Thomas Denmark. Citizen Games’ Way of the Witch also had art done exclusively by Thomas, and it remains one of the best looking d20 products out there. Plus, there’s the added bonus that some friends of mine and I got to pose in wild west clothing for some photos Tom’s using as inspiration for his art. That guy with the two guns, there? That’s Colin.


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