Decipher: Leaving Los Angeles

An announcement on the company’s website today stated that Decipher’s Los Angeles office is shutting down tomorrow. All of the RPG product lines will continue to be managed from Decipher’s main HQ in Norfolk, VA. Here’s the full announcement:

Decipher announces today that effective January 23rd it is transferring responsibility for the RPG product lines from its Los Angeles office to Decipher headquarters in Norfolk, Va. We want to thank all of the Los Angeles RPG Studio staff, contract writers, and contract artists for the excellent product they have helped us create over the past two years. We are very proud of the award-winning products they helped us produce.

Well, a few of their RPG team members had already left (Christian Moore among them), and others didn’t work from the office anyway. Maybe this won’t have much of an effect on Decipher’s RPG lines, or even have a positive one. What? I can hope, can’t I?