Duel Masters: might not suck completely

January 29th, 2004: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Duel Masters: might not suck completely

After reading the article in Undefeated and hearing opinions from a couple of local retailers, I have to say that it looks like Duel Masters will be a credible game design as well as an actual, good business move for WotC. If you want the next Pokemon, it makes sense to go over to Japan and form an alliance with their creatives to make it. Game Trade says the game will get a glitzy launch in New York on March 6th, and the cartoon series hits Toonami about a week later. WotC has plenty of other good game properties, but what it needs right now is growth, so I’m happy to see something that might deliver it. Sustainability, or at least coming out of the inevitable crash with more dollars than you went into the whole enterprise with, is another question…


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