Arkham Horror revisited at Yog-Sothoth

Our friends over at Yog-Sothoth have scored in a major way: the site has just been allowed to post Return to Arkham Horror, the previously unpublished supplement for the classic Arkham Horror board game. Written by Keith Herber and Richard Launius, the 22-page PDF contains everything Yog-Sothoth could scrape together for the supplement, including “player mats, new cards, counters, dimensions, rules and the second edition ‘Arkham Gazette’.” Chaosium still plans a 15th anniversary version of Arkham Horror, tentatively set for release this June. I’m sure the PDF supplement will whet gamers’ appetites for more Arkham mayhem.
[EDIT: Now I’m hearing that Chaosium no longer has the rights to produce Arkham Horror, and hasn’t for years. According to one source, the game will be produced by another company later this year. Why the game is still listed as “Upcoming” on Chaosium’s website, I dunno.]

EDIT 5/22/05: Over a year has passed, and ownership issues seem to have been resolved again. See the story for details.


  1. It’s sometimes easy to forget that Chaosium is even still in BUSINESS, especially of late. Their struggles of late to release anything at all make me inclined to excuse a little slipshod website upkeep.

  2. Apparently true. The file has been removed at the request of one of the authors and Skotos.

    It now appears that Skotos and not Chaosium will be publishing the new edition of Arkham Horror and, to stop confusion have asked this file be taken down.

    We of course have replied with their request.

    While we truly believed we had all the necessary permissions. Sorry guys, we did our best.

  3. And as you’ll see, the game has now been removed from the Upcoming section of Chaosium’s web. It’ll be out elsewhere, hopefully in third or fourth quarter this year.

  4. Sigh… I wonder if we’ll ever actually see the return of Arkham Horror at all? I have no knowledge of Skotos as far as being a publishing house, but I hope they can give this thing the quality treatment it deserves.

    Honestly, I wish they’d just license it out to Fantasy Flight Games… give the thing gorgeous graphics, quality components (like an actual board not just laminated paper)…

    I can dream, can’t I?

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