Sisterz are doing it for themzelvez

It seems like every post I make these days is about some absurd new Hasbro initiative, but here goes: the G-rizzle has obtained some info on Star Sisterz, a collectible charm-bracelet-based game that combines the popular beaded trinkets with truth-or-dare-style questions on cards. It is actually a Wizards of the Coast-branded product, but it’ll be carried in Limited Too, so maybe the coolness levels of the two will cancel out in the minds of female 11-year-olds. Interestingly, this will hit around the same time as Duel Masters.

Below is PR text from Wizards.

Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. is putting a fresh – and fashionable – twist on the Trading Card Game (TCG) genre by introducing the STAR SISTERZ Collectable Charm Game. STAR SISTERZ poses fun dares and crazy challenges to girls, rewarding them with cool, collectable charms. There are nearly 100 unique charms to wear, collect and trade. The high quality silver charms, each inlaid with a colorful gem, are earned by completing a Dare, Challenge or Big Idea card. For example, girls might be charged with going to the mall with their clothes on inside-out or reading a page from their diary aloud to all of their friends – how embarrassing! And STAR SISTERZ charms and bracelets will shine long after game play is complete; they’re the perfect accessory for any occasion.

“STAR SISTERZ combines two immensely popular tween trends: truth-or-dare style games and charm bracelets,” said Laura Tommervik, brand manager for STAR SISTERZ at Wizards of the Coast. “But STAR SISTERZ is more than a game or fashion accessory. STAR SISTERZ is about creativity and self-expression. STAR SISTERZ enables tween girls to develop interpersonal skills through communication and trust exercises with friends. More importantly, STAR SISTERZ fosters a heightened sense of self as girls discover and define their own unique interests and talents.”

Girls will be able to gather on the web at The interactive destination web site will feature a complete charm list, a personality profiler, polls, game play information and more.

For girls aged 8 and up, STAR SISTERZ offers three different Theme Packs each containing 4 random charms, 7 random game cards and game rules. Bracelets are sold separately. A Deluxe Box Set is great for sleep-overs and parties as it offers more cards and charms, as well as a re-usable carrying case. STAR SISTERZ will be available at Limited Too stores nationwide on March 1, 2004. Theme Packs have a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $7.99, MSRP for bracelets is $2.99 and MSRP for the Deluxe Box Set is $19.99.