Starship Troopers licensed by Mongoose

Now that Conan: the RPG is out, Mongoose Publishing decided to get the impending license anticipation building again. The company’s newest license is Starship Troopers, the grim-and-gritty story of mankind versus aliens in a war to the death. Mongoose has plans for a licensed RPG in late 2004, based on the company’s Open Game system. In early 2005, Mongoose will follow the RPG release with a miniatures wargame, starting with a big boxed set of Mobile Infantry and Arachnids, and supported by additional minis, vehicles and armies throughout the year. Starship Troopers graphic novels will also be produced, arriving every so often in 2004. As long as Jake Busey doesn’t play the electo-fiddle again, I’m all for it.

Mongoose Publishing press release follows:

Coming to a gaming club near you. . .

Mongoose Publishing is proud to announce the licensing of Starship Troopers for a miniatures wargame, roleplaying game and an all new set of graphic novels charting the exploits of the Mobile Infantry and Mankind’s many enemies throughout the galaxy.

Do you want to know more?

The Starship Troopers roleplaying game, based on Mongoose Publishing’s own innovative, exciting and Open Game system, will be released in the last quarter of 2004. Providing a wealth of information on the Mobile Infantry, the totalitarian government of Earth and the alien races clamouring for dominance of the galaxy, the Starship Troopers RPG will provide the ultimate immersive experience of the far future. Supported by high quality supplements detailing characters, aliens and equipment, the survival of the species will be down to you.

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The Starship Troopers miniatures wargame will bring you face to face with the very worst the galaxy has to throw against Mankind. Supported by a complete range of plastic and metal miniatures, players will command entire armies of Mobile Infantry, Fleet Expeditionary Forces, Arachnids, Skinnies and many more. Released as a large box set in the first quarter of 2005, the Starship Troopers wargame will contain the main rulebook with enough Mobile Infantry and Arachnids to begin your fight for the galaxy. Further miniatures, vehicles and armies will be released throughout 2005 and beyond, all with their own specialist army books describing the structure of their forces, unique technologies, painting guides and, of course, their army lists.

Service guarantees citizenship!

The Starship Troopers graphic novels will be released at regular intervals throughout 2004 and beyond, each telling the story of the struggle throughout the galaxy and within Earth’s own government. New aliens will arrive and old enemies stand ready to launch fresh offensives. Only the Mobile Infantry and Mighty Fleet can save Mankind from annihilation.

Remember your training and you will make it back alive!

The entire Starship Troopers product range will be fully supported in Mongoose Publishing’s own magazine, Signs & Portents, which will include new scenarios, optional rules and tie-ins to the Starship Troopers graphic novels and films. Massive multi-player campaigns stretching across the whole world will enable players to personally take part in the most crucial wars, from Klendathu to the Home Front itself.

Are you doing your part?

Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing