Green Ronin to publish for Human Head

Green Ronin Publishing and Human Head Studios have partnered up. Starting now, all Human Head tabletop game products will be published by Green Ronin. First up will indeed be Dracula’s Revenge, designed by Matt Forbeck, Director of Human Head’s Adventure Games Division.

Green Ronin press release follows:

New Alliance Great Fit for Both Companies

Seattle, WA, February 16, 2004. Green Ronin Publishing and Human Head Studios are pleased to announce that they have forged a new publishing deal. Starting immediately, Green Ronin will publish all of Human Head Studios products for the tabletop gaming market. The first of these new games–a board game of tactical combat entitled Dracula’s Revenge–is slated for release this summer.

Matt Forbeck, Director of the Adventure Games Division of Human Head Studios, says, “We are committed to bringing innovative new games with strong stories and elegant gameplay to players everywhere. Green Ronin does a great job of getting quality games to market and then selling them well. It’s a great match of our abilities and our vision.”

“We couldn’t be happier about this deal,” says Chris Pramas, president of Green Ronin Publishing. “Human Head produces great games and we’ll be proud to publish them under our logo.”

Forbeck adds, “I wrote part of Green Ronin’s Freeport: The City of Adventure, and Freeport made a guest appearance in our Redhurst Academy of Magic. I’m thrilled to have the chance to work with Green Ronin again. I have tremendous respect for Chris, Nicole, and Hal, and their whole crew. I’ve known them for years, and I predict great things from this new relationship.”

Green Ronin’s first act as part of this new partnership is relaunching Human Head Studios’ first adventure game product: the critically acclaimed d20 sourcebook, The Redhurst Academy of Magic. Look for more news about this event soon.

GREEN RONIN PUBLISHING is a game company from Seattle, WA. It blazed the d20 trail with its hit Death in Freeport adventure, which went on to win Origins and ENnie awards. Since then Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality that is second to none, publishing such critical favorites as Legions of Hell, Book of the Righteous, and the Mutants & Masterminds RPG. Point your browser to for more info.

HUMAN HEAD STUDIOS is an independent video game and adventure game developer. Human Head’s first video game was the cult-hit Rune, which brought heart-pounding Viking action to the PC, Mac, Linux, and Playstation 2. Its first adventure game product was the critically acclaimed Redhurst Academy of Magic. Look for the Dracula’s Revenge board game and Dead Man’s Hand-a first-person western for the PC and X-Box this spring.

Green Ronin Publishing
Seattle, Washington