Archfiends miniatures gallery up at Wizards

Though the images have been floating around the web for a couple of weeks already, Wizards of the Coast has put up an official figure gallery for the entire Archfiends Expansion of D&D Miniatures. They’ve also done a close-up preview of some figs from all four alignment factions, most recently from Chaotic Good. Take a close look at that guy in the gallery’s seventh row down, on the left, the Moon Elf Fighter (Uncommon), another CG guy worth checking out.

Hands down, the Moon Elf’s my favorite out of the preview figures I’ve received (which includes the Silver Dragon, so that’s saying a lot). Yes, he’s expensive at 49 points, but with a high AC, two strong melee attacks, a command rating of 5, and great speed, it almost makes the cost worthwhile. When you factor in his command ability of Tactics, which makes figures that started the turn under his command not count against the two activations per phase limit, he’s entirely worth it. As soon as it’s my turn, I get to move my entire warband if I want, while everyone else still has to move two at a time. Not as cool in two player games, but it still provides an added flexibility I like.

Put a Drunken Master and an Axe Sister with him, and some ranged attack support, and you’ve got yourself a fun time.