Z-Man shows us the funny

Z-Man Games will soon be publishing the Tome of Levity, a 48 page book of unusual spells. No, not levitation, levity. As in, “funny but useful spells for most fantasy campaigns.” Like what? I’ll let the press release below clue you in.

Z-Man press release follows:

New from Z-Man Games!

TOME OF LEVITY. 48 pages. 6″x9″. Softcover. Perfectbound. ZMG 6075 $9.99

Your party is stuck in a 10×30 pit with torches and no food. The GM is
smiling, expecting starvation to set in. Well, upset his day by casting
“Edible Torch” and eat your light source, buying time to find a way out
of the pit!

“Edible Torch” is just one of the dozens of funny but useful spells
found in the Tome of Levity. This massive 48 page book contains spells
that can be used in most fantasy campaigns and has such
send-your-GM-into-fits spells like: “Delayed Atomic Blast Fireball,”
“Become More Invisible,” and the favorite, “Summon Gamemaster.”

We’d cast a “Buy It!” cantrip, but at $9.99, who needs to?! So what are
you waiting for – buy it! (oops)

Zev Shlasinger, President
Z-Man Games, Inc.