Omlevex, the multi-talented supers supplement

Spectrum Games and Z-Man Games have set loose a new take on the superhero RPG supplement. Omlevex poses as the official sourebook of Omlevex Comics Group, a fictional comic group. With stats for Silver Age Sentinels, M&M Superlink, and the Hero System, it seems like all the bases are covered.

Z-Man/Spectrum press release follows:


Omlevex, the Silver Age superhero setting book for M&M Superlink, Hero, and Silver Age Sentinels, is now available at gaming stores everywhere from Z-Man Games and Spectrum Games. This 144 page book retails at $22.95 and is filled with dynamic art by such comicbook greats as Mike Zeck, Dick Ayers, Herb Trimpe, Josef Rubinstein, June Brigman, and Roy Richardson.

According to Cynthia Celeste Miller, President of Spectrum Games, “We took a different approach to this product, in that we pretend it’s the official sourcebook for the fictitious Omlevex Comics Group. This opened up a lot of doors for us on a creative level, and we feel it makes the book a great deal of fun to read. So, you’ll find a lot of little touches like captions beneath the art that tells what series and issue it comes from or sidebars that give behind-the-scenes info about the creators responsible for the comics. It was a blast to write!”

Within these pages, you’ll find everything you need to know about the universe presented in the Omlevex Comics during the 1960s. Omlevex includes extensive information about the Metazon Islands (the world’s hub of superhuman activity), a complete timeline that fills you in on the Omlevex Universe’s rich history, behind-the-scenes information about the Omlevex Comics Group, full bios for nearly 50 heroes and villains (complete with modern-day options), advice for creating and playing Silver Age characters in an authentic manner, Game Master tips for capturing the spirit of the Silver Age comics in his games, and much more!

You can find out more information at the official Omlevex website –