GTS Day 3 press mock- uh, I mean wrapup

I only link to to point out that I was right. Also, I didn’t mention it before but I had vague wishes/suspicions that the name Chop Shop might be some kind of obscure shoutout to RoboRally, and now that I’ve heard it involves robots, well dammit, ¡viva la Twonky!

We will be hitting you with plenty of Pirates of the Spanish Main info when we finalize our Mike Selinker interview, probably tomorrow, as well as in our full report on this morning’s WizKids foofaraw. You know, as long as we’re in the vague suspicions department, back when we playtested MK2 and saw the weird little plasticard things, I think we might have wondered to ourselves if they’d ever do a whole game with the cardstuff, kind of like those Z-Cards things. That’s a big 10-4 there, matey. Anyway, stay tuned to this channel for some deeper excitement about PotSM.