Amber turns to GOO

Erick Wujcik (creator of the Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game) and Mark MacKinnon (CEO of ) announced recently that they’ve signed a letter of intent to move the publication rights for the Amber RPG over to Guardians from Wujcik’s company Phage Press. It’s still just a letter of intent, but GOO have opened a discussion forum about the move and future plans for the Amber RPG.


  1. I hope the first thing they do is disavow those horrible Amber prequels, that surely have Roger Zelazny spinning in his grave.

    And, on another note — WOOT! AMBER RPG!

  2. Fine and dandy, but will it get, y’know, actual /support/, or will it languish in Nobilis hell?

    (That’s not really fair– it’d be hard for Amber to get any /less/ support than Phage has been giving it. But still.)

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