Chaosium, RPGnet exchange threats

April 1st, 2004: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Chaosium, RPGnet exchange threats

In the aftermath of the GAMA Trade Show, a feud has erupted between Chaosium, the company behind Call of Cthulhu, and one of the biggest roleplaying websites, RPGnet. Each has sent out a press release about the incident, below. All I have to say is, I’ll win.

RPG.NET Poisons Chaosium Staffer!

Dateline March 31, 2004
Leng Embassy Colorado

After two weeks of secrecy, Chaosium officials today confirmed that Allan Sugarbaker of RPG.net recently tried to kill Dustin Wright of Chaosium while both were attending the Game Manufacturers Association Trade show in Las Vegas Nevada on March 18th.

While violence between the Chaosium & RPG.net isn’t itself uncommon, this occasion marks the first time RPG.NET resorted to a chemical and biological attack.

Though shaken, Dustin Wright survived the unprovoked assault and has promised revenge.

“Now that I have fully recovered from this vile deed, my response will be as swift as it is justified. See to your protection spells Allan, for my diplomats are coming for you. Release the Gugs!”

Dustin Wright
Chaosium Inc.
Leng Embassy Staff.


RPGnet Administrator disputes Chaosium accusations

Dateline April 1, 2004
Berkeley, California

In response to the recent announcement by Chaosium, Allan Sugarbaker, of RPGnet and OgreCave.com, claimed ignorance of any wrongdoings at the Game Manufacturers Association Trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada two weeks ago. According to Sugarbaker, his alleged poisoning attempt upon Chaosium staffer Dustin Wright was nothing more than a friendly gesture gone wrong.

“How was I supposed to know sour apple Altoids were toxic to Cthulhu cultists?” said Sugarbaker, perplexed by Chaosium’s accusations. “Had I known Dustin would react so badly to them… well, I would’ve offered him several at once, really. When RPGnet’s office was just on the other side of the wall from Chaosium, those guys always found it funny to leave surprises for me. I still have nightmares about that tentacled thing they put in the file cabinet.”

Angered by the threat of retaliation, Sugarbaker made it clear Chaosium was to stay clear of him.

“As for your Gugs, Dustin,” quipped Sugarbaker, “Bring ’em by the OgreCave, and see how us cave dwellers deal with intruders. I’ve got an uprooted tree with your name on it, right here.”

Allan Sugarbaker
Administrator, RPGnet
Editor/Founder, OgreCave.com


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