Dwarven Reforged

The fine folks at Dwarven Forge have made several website improvements, adding a wish list to the shopping cart, and a message board. Next month, in addition to having the new Sci-Fi sets hit stores, the company will also put a “Tile Construction Kit” into place on the website. Finally, a sale on all minis helps put gamers in a spending mood.

Dwarven Forge Press Release

For General Release April 1, 2004

Dwarven Forge LLC (makers of high-quality, pre-painted gaming environments) has re-launched its website (www.dwarvenforge.com) with great new tools and bargains.

In addition to a vastly improved ordering system, the site also has a great “Wish List” feature that allows shoppers to store a gift registry at the site. Shoppers can then email a link to friends and families that will direct them to a shopper’s Wish List – which will allow for easy gift shopping and shipping.

The program even keeps track of everything that has been purchased to date, and it eliminates any double buying.

Also, to get consumers to check out the new site, Dwarven Forge is running a great internet-only special. All painted figures (lizardmen, orcs and skeletons) are 75% off original price – or basically a dollar a figure! Validate only while supplies last.

The site also has an extensive Message Board system where fans of the products can leave photos and discuss how best to use their favorite pieces.

There is also more info on the upcoming May release of the Sci-Fi sets.

And coming in May, the site will feature a great new GM tool called the “Tile Construction Kit”. It will allow GM’s to virtually build any dungeon with all available Master Maze products and then print out the results for later use. Also, this will allow gamers to see what they can make with their current sets, and it will help them determine what a new set can do for them.

Contact Info:
Jeff Martin
Dwarven Forge, LLC


  1. I know that it takes time and effort to make these things, and they DO look great, but if DF could just make them a wee bit cheaper…

  2. Sure … if you prefer cheap*** styrofoam. Just lay out different these environmentally-unfriendly plates (the kind used for restaurant food takeouts … usually with 3 separate compartments) and punch out holes for portals or doors, and use the top covers of styrofoam egg cartons for corridors. ;P

  3. I’m talking maybe 5-10 dollars for the big sets, not slashing down to the bone. It just seems to run a decent crawl you have to have at least 3 to 4 sets for decent corridors and rooms, and that can get cost prohibitive. Like I said, I realize you get what you pay for but if DF could tweak prices a bit they might reap the benefit in increased sales.

  4. The only way they’ll drop the prices is if they have a rival competitor making the same kind of durable sets vying for our money. 😉

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