Kubla Khan at Kubla Con

Troll Lord Games will be bringing a special limited edition d20 tournament module to KublaCon at the end of May. Called The Temple of Kubla Khan, the adventure is written by Casey Christofferson, author of several books for Necromancer Games. Here’s the description:

An ancient ruined bastion and the forces of chaos! Horror, dread and decay! All this and much more await those willing to accept the challenges offered in the The Temple of Kubla Khan. Discover the secret of the Mad Lord and challenge the Crawling Queen herself in her horror filled subterranean lair. The Temple of Kubla Khan combines fast paced action with challenging role play and mind boggling puzzles at every turn. Including four brand new monsters and a plethora of new magical items, The Temple of Kubla Khan is designed to keep your players on their toes and provide hours of dungeon crawling mind mangling fun.

The adventure is also described as “completely compatible” with Dwarven Forge‘s Master Maze dungeon sets. This makes perfect sense, since a month ago the KublaCon email newsletter mentioned having multiple sets of Master Maze available for GMs to use. Most likely, KublaCon will make a set or two available to the Trolls. The Temple of Kubla Khan is a 32 page adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 6-8, and will be available only at KublaCon or by special order, for $10.95.